Hitting 50

Wow where did that come from? Rather where did you guys came from? Do you guys really read my posts? If you do, please leave me a comment or ‘Like’ this post alright?

Anyway I started my new job about 2 months ago. The culture there was pretty different and it gradually became a pain in the ass. Let me summarize my new job in the following points:

  • Working there is like serving my national service where one rush to wait and wait to rush. Waiting time for approval is one week to never to oops I forgot.
  • The management team has tons and tons of meeting but never have time for the approval of your proposal.
  • And when the boss comes breathing down your neck for a report which is pending for an approval from the director, it’s never their fault. 
  • Proposals has to be done in excel sheet.    (Yeah excel sheets)
  • The reporting process is one to three. Yes I don’t only need to report to my director I had to report to the owner of the company as well. 
  • Met people there who kept telling you they are not sure when they were the one who were handling your job initially. And when you ask them for help, they will tell you “You just need to do it once and you will know.” (And Yeah I know… I know you are wasting my time and I know you are afraid you will be doing my job for me. Great assumptions skills.)

Ok I better stop before i start foaming in my mouth…

Oh well and after 2 months of waiting and wasting my time, I decided to call it quits. Life too short to spend it on waiting and chasing people for approval. And it’s definitely too darn short to be wasting it there. And yeah this time is my choice. 

Anyway I’m glad I found a new job almost immediately. And I got a pretty good feeling about it. Wish me luck. 

Ps: Let me know if you wanna know which company am I talking about

Signing off




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