The World Needs A New Game

I have been giving some thoughts recently about developing a new mobile game app ever since they launched the Pokemon go game in Singapore. And I need investors.

The game is played in way where instead of hunting Pokemons, we hunt down Pokemon go players. So here’s how it goes…

Like every mobile game you get to choose a character that represent yourself. You can choose to be a Chinese, Malay, Eurasian, Indian or others. Your role is to hunt down those Pokemon go players who walk around like zombies with their face glued to their handphones.

How do you hunt them down? For level 1 to level 5, you can only hunt them down using actions like kicking, pushing, shouting and stealing their phones.

Shouting gives you 10xp and another 10xp if they run for their life.

Kicking and pushing gives you 20xp and another 20xp if they surrender their phone to you.
Stealing their phones and running away with it gives you 50xp.

Upon getting hold of their handphones you have the options of transferring all their Pokemons Away, smashing their handphone or throwing it into the river.

And each gives you 100xp to 500xp depending on the worth of Pokemons they have inside their mobile phone.

When you reach level 6 you can create a group to recruit other Pokemon go player hunter and you guys will work as a team to invade gyms and Pokestop that are filled with Pokemon go players.

As your level gets higher than level 15 you get options to equip yourself with weapons like BB guns, slingshots, mobile receptions jammers etc. You can also choose to drive your vehicle e.g bicycle / Cars / Van / Lorry / motorbikes to give chase to these pesky Pokemon go players.

And the best part about reaching the optimum level of 20 is you get to purchase water bombs in different sizes to throw at group of Pokemon go players loitering in zombie group under your HDB flat.

More weapons and vehicles will be introduced with the popularity of the games. I’m even considering a god mode for level 21 and above in the future where you have the ability to shoot lightning and fireballs. The app will be free for all to download.

You might wonder what’s the name of this awesome game….

I’m calling it… Pukimak Go Away

Ok that’s never gonna go through the censorship board…

Oh well…



Random Blabberism

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