Something about January…

January is known to most of us as the first month of a brand new year. A new starting point for some and a repetitive cycle for others .

How has yours been? I hope you have all your resolutions and goals set and all ready to go head on for the rest of the 365 days ahead.

As for me… January have been a pretty exciting month for me. To tell you the truth I’m never a person who will list down a set of resolutions and try to achieve every single one but… I’m starting to do so… And here’s why… Ever since I bought my first roadie from an online bike seller, I had since been addicted to cycling. Somehow I finally found a hobby that is both enjoyable and healthy. I have been cycling almost everyday ever since.   And guess what? I even started to set challenges for myself. I would try to either increase the distance cycled or the time taken to finish a route. My goal is to be able to clock longer distance every now and then. And also to burn more calories while doing that.  And to make things more interesting, I even downloaded an app and added my friends to join me in my challenges.  The next best thing that happened to me in January is when I finally received my Good Services award from the Singapore Arm Forces for my reservist commitments. I honestly thought I will never get to see this medal. And yes it certainly made my day! 2 more high key to go and I’m done! Yay! And to top it up, I was nominated for a recognition award by my fellow reservist mates. It’s really nothing much but the thought of nominating me just makes my day. It’s the thought that matters to me.

And finally… To sum it all up… This last one is perhaps the bestest (If there’s such a word) thing that had happened to me this January… Or should I say December…

23rd December 2016: Wifey X’Mas Gift To Me!

14 January 2016: Ultra scan My life goals and resolution is definitely going to be raised to another level from this year onwards.

Time to hit the sack as the wifey is calling. Gdnite peeps! And have a happy and prosperous 2016!

Ps: Gender doesn’t matter. Health surpasses all. Love you Minime.



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