Good Bye 2015


2015 had been a life changing year for me. From my proposal on the 7th of September 2014 to the wedding preparation which took up about 3/4 of 2015 and finally the wedding day on the 26th of September 2015. Quick Congratulate me. Yes I’m no longer a boyfriend but somebody’s husband. *Wink*

2015 had also been a year of awakening for me. A better word i had in mind is probably ‘Armageddon’. A year when i start to wipe out things or people that are of no value to me. (Ok i’m still trying to stop smoking…)

This is also the year where i truly understand what my boss told me time and time again. As always i didn’t think much about it until the logic behind starts to surface in my face.

“You should feel very lucky if you even have just one person you can count on as a friend.”

“You wouldn’t know who is your true friend until you are at your lowest point in life.”

“Always be grateful and never big headed.”

“Be modest.”

“Integrity is the first step to greatness.”

Those were the words that my boss kept drilling in my mind.

And times and times again those words came to my mind whenever something of that sort happened. I had learnt that those who truly care will always stand by you regardless. They neither judge you nor will they ever forsake you when times are bad. I’m glad I had filtered out a list and this list of people are the ones who made my 2015 a fruitful one.

Being modest and grateful makes you a more approachable and trustworthy person. Never be afraid to give more and receive less as nobody is obligated to return you any favors.

Lastly integrity. Be responsible for your actions. Your job is your business and you are the owner. How great your business will be depends on your action and your actions speaks a lot about your character and integrity.

So what’s my resolutions for 2016? Which is in less than 2 hours time… time will tell I guess. For now let’s just enjoy the last few hours of 2015, the year that pushes me to want to be better in the next coming year.

To all of you who had been there for me till the very last seconds of 2015, Have a very happy new year and let’s make it a prosperous one!

Signing off


ps: update in 3 months time *Finger crossed*




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