Been trying my best to come out with a suitable title for this post since two days ago. It is only today it came to light that there are something’s in life that doesn’t come perfect and there’s no point cracking your skull for it. Just simply let nature run it’s course and you might find some perfection in your perceived imperfection. Hence I decide to name it as what is now… Pop… Don’t ask me why…

I feel the hardest question in life to ask is probably the one that involve a lifetime of commitment. Probably because there are tons of things to consider before you pop the question. Hence signs of anxiety is unavoidable.

It’s never easy for one, be it if you are a male or female. That one question or rather the answer is gonna sealed your fate for life. Unless it doesn’t matter to you what happened next.

So what makes one ready to pop the question of a marriage proposal? That had been bugging me for the longest time. Most of the time you know deep inside she is the one but the biggest dilemma is are you the one for her? Or is it too soon? Or will I face a rejection? Or are you ready for the next step?

So I went on to think back on those advise I got from my married friends. Here’s a list of it:

A) Don’t wait too long when it comes to the matter of the heart. As sometimes the prolong time period is the reason why you will never take the next step. Go with your heart… Pop the question… Never look back… And make it work!

B) Perfections only happens in a fairy tale. Be realistic. There is no such thing as the perfect husband or wife or marriage. But there is a thing call commitment and compromises. Everybody has their own flaws. Magnify the good and delete the bad.

C) You will know you are ready when you start having serious thought about your future with your other half. It’s not any Tom, Dick or Harry who walks into your life can make you feel that way. Ok in my case Tina, Donna and err Amy? Anyway It simply means she is the one who is special enough for you to take a portion of your time to think about it. If that’s happening to you… Don’t think rationally… Go with your heart… And move forward…

D) How special is she? Think of the time when you know you are truly unreasonable but she chose to agree with you. Think of the time she cried when you said something that makes her fear you don’t love her enough. Think of the time when the world accuses you of something but she chose to believe you. Just think of all the things which nobody in this world will do for you except her. Well that’s Love…

The list could go on but these are the few that really got into me… And I finally…

Signing off



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