Love Hate Love

It’s been a while since I last blogged. I can’t exactly remember the last time I actually had time for my own personal indulgence. I love writing and somehow that’s the best method I used to express myself.

I’m not really good with conversation that involves explanation as my mind tend to work faster than my gap. And I get pretty impatient when I had to repeat myself. Oh well everybody has their fair share of flaws isn’t it? If you think you don’t then perhaps it’s time you did some self reflection.

Anyway here goes…

Perhaps it’s a masculine thing to want to be popular among our female counterparts. It’s like an ego booster when you know or you are being associated as a lady’s man. The guy whom every lady wants to be seen with or even to be in bed with. There’s nothing with feeling that way to be downright honest.

I have friends who boast about their god given ability to lure women into their arms with lots of sweet nothings and promises of eternalized love. And how popular they are whereby girls worship them like idols or the ultimate alpha male.

I remembered a few years ago I attended a church session. I’m neither a Christian nor a catholic. The reason why I was there is basically because I was told there were gonna be tons of girls there. Yes I was that cheap. Blame it on my testosterone…

Anyway there was a statement made by a pastor that made me what I am today. Ok maybe not exactly but close. And these was roughly he said…

“Most men thinks they are the alpha male when they can satisfy more than one woman in a lifetime… But a true man is one who can satisfy only one woman in a lifetime…”

I was astounded by that statement. Why?

It’s known that women are creatures of emotions and their mood swings faster than you can say Obama. Hence it’s pretty hard or close to impossible to make one woman stay happy always. But if you are able to do that then my dear readers please share with me how the hell did you manage to do that? Or perhaps you are just suffering from schizophrenia.

And it’s normal for men to just give up when it comes to a point we know we can no longer make that woman happy. And what do we do? We go on a search for another where we can give it another go at it. Or start to fool around with other women so as to inject self proclaimed theory that you are able to satisfy a woman and you are a true man. But that doesn’t last long before she starts going Miley Cyrus on you.

One thing I learn is sometimes happiness doesn’t really have to be all rainbow and butterflies everyday. A bit of drama sometimes does more good and harm to a relationship. Women loves drama in a relationship. But of course scandal drama not included.

How to keep your woman happy?

1. Have a little argument once a while. An argument is like diarrhea where it purges all the negativity in a relationship. And once it’s over you feel great again. Just don’t do it obsessively. Settle the argument with a solution that works the best for both parties and stick with it.

2. Be agreeable. Agree with everything she complains about. Yes I know sometimes they can be illogical but there’s one thing I discovered about woman. They can turn all nasty and bitchy when they are at it. However if somebody starts to agree with their ridiculous emotional logic, their maternal instinct start to kick in where they will go…
“Maybe they are not that bad… Maybe I was too sensitive… Maybe they meant well…”
Always remember guys… Most woman are fickle minded. So be agreeable and let them decide on how ridiculous their assumption can be sometimes. If you choose to be on the dark side then prepare to face the missile of “why are you defending others?” Or “Are you interested in her that’s why you are defending her?” Or “I thought you are sensitive to my feelings…”

3. Never ever praise another woman in their face. Yes you can do it once or even twice but try doing more than that and you will be sorry. As gracious as women can be, they have a personal storage bank in their head that records, analyze and judge everything you say. So if you must praise anybody, let not be it another woman or simply do it sparingly.

4. Show them you can get jealous too. Woman enjoys it when their man make a big fuss over another man. This is like their version of pop up notification of my man loves me and I’m important to him. But as usual… Sparingly. Too much makes you look weak.

5. Always! Yes always be firm when you want to get something across. The way a female process information maybe different from us. It’s better to get proper information across than to end up blaming each other after that. Communication is important dear friends.

6. Do female things with her. Who says man can’t do the dishes, clean the toilet, make breakfast, do the laundry…? Ok maybe once in a while… What women wants sometimes is just a bit of appreciation. Share the load guys.

7. Be a clown. Lose that ego. Trust me they will love you for that. Be a dork or even be a kid at times. Let them be the adult. They will love to be able to make the decisions once a while.

There are tons of things you can do to make your lady happy. The question is can you do it? And if you can… How well can you do it? How long can you do it?

Oh well that’s about it…

Goodnight and leave me a comment… Make me happy 😉



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2 thoughts on “Love Hate Love

  1. Hi! I looked thru instagram and saw that you held your wedding at village hotel changi. As I will be having my wedding there as well, would you mind sharing with me some review? Especially the food. Thank you!

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    1. Hey Hi sorry for the late revert. Wow congratulations. The food is better than i thought to be honest. The service provided is good as well. What else you need to know? When is your wedding 🙂


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