Just a random thought…

Life had been pretty hectic lately and the only time I have all to myself is when I take a poo. (True story)

As I was trying my best to clear my body off yesterday load, the word ‘gracious’ came to my mind. And no… I don’t know why. It definitely had nothing to do with what I was doing.

It just seems that the society that I lived in has somehow a lack in that aspect. Why do I say so? Let’s talk about the increasing foreign talents we currently have in my country. Each of them bringing with them their own culture and habits where some are just not to our cup of tea.

Example 1:
A lady foreigner with unkempt armpit hair growth. Think of the reaction of our locals when they spot one.
Local: “omg armpit mo… So disgusting…”
But how many of us actually find out why they actually kept it and doesn’t show any uneasiness showcasing it when they lift their arm like it’s their prized possession?
Honestly I went up to ask before and I was told it was for luck. As outrageous as it sounds, were anyone of us gracious enough to accept that fact?

Example 2:
Two middle aged foreign talent men holding hands with each fingers interlocked… And the reaction?
Local: “Eeee gay….”
I’m sure many of us had witness that as it’s far more common then spotting a lady with armpit hair. But how many of us were gracious enough as to not judge and understand that could be their culture? I mean they were not like banging each other from behind right? Don’t u used to hold your brothers n friends hand when you were younger? Ya most probably u will say “We were kids what!” But think about it when was the last time u show some brotherly love to your own brother just because we are Asian and it is gay!

Enough about FT. Let’s talk about ourselves.

Anyway we used to have campaign on being gracious and all until our mascot retired. And all we talk about are CPF, FT grabbing our jobs / women / land / property and the growth of our population where majority are not locals.

Oh well we can’t exactly blame ourselves when the environment we are living in doesn’t condone any mistakes or new. Like for instance remember the bugger who went around sticking stickers on our traffic light? I honestly find it quite creative but she was convicted of vandalism. Think of those people who got the balls to speak up for the rights of their people, they were either fine or imprison. Where is the graciousness in that? Why can we practice law and order with an extra spoonful of graciousness?

With an environment where graciousness had somehow extinct and where everybody care more themselves, it is no wonder we are getting more and more stressful. And the funny thing is that it was reported we are going to have a longer life span and all…

Honestly I rather die…


Signing off



Random Blabberism

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