Let it be


Once again proven that sometimes in a relationship the more you care the more shit you gonna get.

I will recommend a ‘let it be’ strategy. How does it works?

1. If your partner doesn’t listen, don’t continue explaining. As she/he might just end up not knowing what are your concerns are even after repeating. Just let it be, as one day when the same shit happen they will get it without you explaining.

2. If your partner keep having bad thoughts about your relationship, let it be. As nobody can convince her/him that everything is going to be fine but themselves. Explain once and let it be.

3. If you don’t feel important in the relationship, let it be. As most probably she/He won’t understand even if you keep repeating how you feel. You will only sound needy and desperate. I always believe the tide will always change. They will end up needing you more one day. And it’s your choice if you wanna give a fuck.

4. If your partner only thinks about herself/himself, let it be. As one day when you start behaving like them, they will understand but probably by then you will start to love yourself more than anybody else.

5. If your partner can never agree to something you need or pretend to agree… Let it be… As long as the understanding is not there the problem still lies. Just let it be if things are not resolve, as sometimes you can’t exactly make everybody agree you. Let them think what they want. As sometimes human being only agrees when shit happens and when they get burned.

6. Go out more with your friends so you won’t turn into a needy freak. As not everybody intends to spend every single day with their partners. So get a life like when you are single. So when she/he is not free… Let it be… Meet your friends and buddies… Just make sure you have a life of your own.

7. If your partners enjoy bringing her whole family along whenever you guys are out and preaches about if you love me you have to love my family, let it be… Just learn to avoid graciously if you are not that kind of person. As mention above… Get a life. So when he/she need to bring along her whole family, once a while you can go chill with your buddies as an excuse.

8. Always remember anybody can one day leave you or abandon you. But never your family. So love your family more than anybody and I mean anybody not related by blood. So when shit happens you can just let it be as you know you have your whole family backing you up.

9. When your partners has more opposite gender friends, let it be. Sometimes the more you give a shit, it just makes things worst. Just let it be. And remind yourself that you had already gotten what you need. But if you haven’t… Let it be… As the let it be attitude will get you laid… Most of the time baby…

10. Relationship comes and goes. If it stays good for you… But if it doesn’t… Let it fucking be… Why waste your time brooding over it and mess up your life isn’t it? So let it be…

*This post is not inspired by the Beatles*

In conclusion… Relationship is all about sex and more sex. Any good out of it is marriage. So don’t stress yourself over it. Let it be.

Signing off



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