This funny thing call Love…


“Even if I had to die a hundred time and cross a thousand realms… I will oblige just so to fulfil my promise of eternalised love with you…” Deafpoet

The funny thing about love is that it may happen anytime, any place or with anyone while you least expect it. If Cupid does exist and not just a mere Greek myth then Cupid is definitely a son of a gun. I mean he is a toddler armed with a bow and arrow with the ability to make two complete strangers or two person fall for each other. And what do a toddler know about love and why is he even given such ability in the first place? And with a name that rhythms with stupid, no wonder a person normally does irrational things which their normal rational self won’t perform.

There are times your mind somehow rationally tells you that you and your partner will never work but your heart emotionally tells you that it might just work. And all you need is time for the feeling to grow stronger. But to be honest the mind often triumph over the heart. I mean its pretty logical when its the mind that gives signal to the heart to pump blood all over all body. So the mindset of a couple somehow controls the fate of their relationship. I mean I have seen a number of friends who broke up even though they still have feeling for each other. It’s like yeah I still love you but we are not suitable to be together.

Looking in another aspect, one can be so deeply in love with the other but somehow their rational side tells them it’s better not to get involve as it might wreck the existing friendship which you might have cultivated. But the thing is, this is the part where your heart comes into control. It hurts when she talks about guys. It hurts when she no longer contact you as often. It hurts when you don’t see her often ever since you tried to convince your mind and heart that you both are not suitable and it’s best to remains as friends. You try to stay away from her existence thinking that it might heal that heartache which you are experiencing. This is the scenario where your mind starts to go bonkers and start thinking of ways to heal your heart back to normal.

As complicated as it may sound, love can be pretty simple. It is us who wants to make a drama out of everything. But then again what is love without a little drama? And yours truly me is guilty of such unnecessary drama. I tend to stay away from girls who I think might just work out. The reason is because I tend to let the rational side of me get the better of me. I will think of all the worst scenario that might happen.

1. She might hate me on the long run…
2. If we were to break up I might never see her again…
3. Either of us might get hurt through this relationship…
4. And the whole nine yards of worthless speculations…
5. She might not see me as somebody who will work out with her… The big rejection…

Sometimes rationality might lead you through a trail of absurd speculations without you even taking the first step. And you start to focus your attention on relationships with someone whom you don’t mind losing in the short or long run. The winner is always the one who has nothing lose and you hope to always be on the winning streak. But that mindset will mean you will never have a taste of having somebody you truly love and will try means and ways to keep her by your side. And once again I’m guilty of that.

I have friends that kept telling me that all I need is to find somebody that I love more than she loves me. And by doing so, I will have a fear of losing her and I will do anything to keep her by my side. And correct me if I’m wrong… But women most of the time just need assurance from their partner and the rest are just bonus. The thing about most women is that when they agree to start a relationship with you their mind and heart somehow are accustom to just focus on you. Hence most of the time women have the most to lose in a relationship.

So guys if you think that you might have found the one girl whom you think you will treasure forever…just go for it. No one can be a winner forever. Sometimes you have to lose to be a true winner. I used to believe that in a relationship the one who love the least normally wins on the long run. It does makes sense as when its over, you might not get hurt as much as the other party. But have you truly try your best to make it work? I’m pretty sure you didn’t. And you end up being alone again. Why not take a gamble…?

If you love her, gasp that opportunity before it slip away. Throw away your ego & pride and give it a shot. Even if it doesn’t work out, stay as friends as you never know she just want to be convinced that you are the one before she take the plunge. Like I said previously it takes more for a woman to give her heart and life to you than a man.

Think about it…

Signing off

“I am a narcissists and yes I love myself…but that’s only because I see you in myself…” Deafpoet



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