This christmas changed my life

The whole of December opened up my eyes on things which I always thought will never happen. I was brought up in a family who preach about doing good to others and good karma will come to you. But then again I’m only human hence I can be kinda evil in my choice of words when it comes to things that I don’t see eye to eye. But as I mature I realize sometimes it’s better to live and let live.

I learn the 5 Bs in life. Be gracious always. Be sincere. Be grateful. Be generous. Be modest.

Be gracious:
One must understand not everybody shares the same traits or upbringing. So if you happen to see something which you deemed is wrong in terms of your own principle, be gracious and accept it. As they always say one man meat may be another man poison.

Be sincere:
Always be sincere in whatever you do. It’s pretty easy to spot a person who is truly sincere in helping you and another who did it purely because of their own benefit. Even if they managed to pull it off once or twice, eventually it will be too obvious not to notice.

Be grateful:
It’s true that your family members will always stand by you through thick and thin. It’s rare to find one who has no blood connection to be just as nice. But as rare as it can be, there bound to be a few. Be glad and grateful for all they have done for you. As it’s not everyday somebody of non kinship will back you up in times of crisis. If they can forgo their own benefits in exchange for your benefits, why can’t you do the same? So be grateful.

Be generous:
A friend in need is a friend indeed. Offering help doesn’t cost a cent. Perhaps your time and effort. And in exchange you earn a friend. Having one more friend is better than having one more foe. You never know when will you need that generosity from someone. But then again even if you don’t get anything in return, don’t despair. At least you know you did somebody a favor.

Be modest:
Nobody is the best in anything for long. Everybody learns from somebody. And everyday there bound to be somebody who will excel better than you. So be modest when complimented. Don’t get big headed just because of a mere achievement. As success can come and go. Although It takes intelligence to achieve something great but it takes hard-work to maintain that success.

Oh well that’s just my two cents worth of thoughts on life.

Anyways I hope you had a great christmas. I know I did… I had my share of joy and not forgetting that dash of depression that still reside in me. Life goes on…

Goodnight people…
Ps: 对不起。。。我玩不起。。。

Signing off




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