2 days before X’MAS…


Christmas a time of happiness and joy. A time where everybody goes into the giving and caring trend. A time where family and friends gather to feast. Christmas to me is a mixture of feelings. I can’t exactly say that I’overwhelmed with joy. Somehow there is a pinch of heartache within me.

Christmas is basically a time where against my own free will I had to start reminiscing about the past. For those of you who knows me well will know I’m a workaholic. I wasn’t born a workaholic but circumstances had evolve me into this state. I work to tired my mind so I can sleep easily at night.

Even at work I try not to involve myself into office politics as it doesn’t do me anything good except giving me more things to think about. So I’m sorry if I don’t get affected after listening to your list of unfairness you think the company is giving you.

Anyway back to Christmas…with the passing on of my dad Christmas had never been enjoyable to me. The same goes for all the other festive occasion. It just somehow reminds me of those days where everything was still simple. Waking up early in the morning to find presents beside my bed. Mom and dad will in the kitchen preparing a feast for the guest that will be coming over for the annual Christmas celebration.

And now all I have left are memories… Can’t really celebrate with the gang as that will mean leaving my mom alone at home… Life just doesn’t seem the same anymore…

Oh well looking at the bright side at least I still have my mom with me and of cause not forgetting my pesky younger brothers. I don’t mind being the only one who accompany my mom while my brothers enjoy themselves with their own programmes. I mean that’s the least I can do being the eldest among the three of us.

Whatever it is… It’s Christmas… Enjoy yourselves people… Have a good one… Good times doesn’t exactly last forever… But at least it happened…

Good people come and go… Love them… Treasure them… Respect them… As they will one day turn into memories… But at least they came into your life and show you that there is love in this world…

Good night and sleep well

Signing off

Ps: Miss you dad… I really do…



Random Blabberism

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