Love me love me not


Love. A four letter word that sometimes cause us so much misery and yet most of us can’t live without it. If you think you can live without it, stop lying to yourself. I’ve been through the ‘I don’t need love’ phase and returned an empty vessel.

I once heard Miss is a word most often used in a love letter rather than the word Love itself. Whatever that means it just sound so sad. My interpretation is that one often miss the feeling of love more than loving their partner when they are together. True?

I guess we human can somehow get too complacent after attaining a certain goal we have in mind. History has so much documentation on that. Since young we were told Rome is not build in a day, but somehow the destruction of it somehow didn’t even need a day. Therefore what I have learnt in life is that although it might take 99% of hard work to get to where you are now in terms of status or in a relationship but to hold on to that it might take you more than 99% just to maintain. Perhaps 110% or more. Always remember the phrase ‘The higher you climb the harder you fall’.

Oh well life is as such. Life… another four letter words which somehow is the main reason why we are doing what we do. The reason why we wake up in the morning, the reason why we love and the reason why we work so hard. So live life to the fullest my friends. Life’s span is as short as it looked when you realize how much it had passed you by.

Whatever it is… don’t let the last four letter words on your death bed be FUCK… 🙂



Random Blabberism

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