Dreams aren’t reality


Dreams and reality… two realms which sometimes we wish one is the other. Don’t get it?

Imagine you are living in a huge mansion with the pacific ocean as your balcony backdrop. Every morning you will wake up to the best sun rise in the world and be greeted by the most breathtaking sunset. And you had married the girl of your dream and had two fabulous kids. And at the garage you have all your favourite cars parked. From maserati to ferrari in different model and colours. And you have almost nothing much to worry about…

Now imagine the alarm clock rings and you realize it was all a dream… wishing it was real…

Another scenario would be imagine you walked into your office and realize that you had single handedly clinch a million dollar deal. No wait… make it that you had lost a million dollar instead. Don’t you wish that alarm clock will ring and wake you up telling you that it was just a dream.

What are some 0f the dreams you wish it was reality and what are those you wish it was just a dream? Share with me people 🙂



Random Blabberism

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