The Holiday Aftermath


Yes it’s another sleepless night for yours truly me. Thanks to the white coffee I had about 3 hours ago. Got to say that it was definitely one of the best I had. And it certainly kept me awake till now…


Just came back from a short vacation to Penang. Wasn’t exactly a holiday as I was there to attend an ex-colleague’s wedding. This is like the third Malaysian wedding I had attended.


One similarity about these weddings is that there is always a stage for the guest to sing their hearts out. Like everything else there are the pros and cons. Pro is that you can save money on engaging professionals and still get entertained. The cons will be sometimes the singing can be somewhat unbearable… but what the heck just treat it as a comedy and laugh your heart out.
Nevertheless I had a great time…


Its raining like nobody’s business as I’m typing this in my trusty note 2. Love the weather even though it can be kinda chilly later in the night. It is always on nights like these I can inspired to pour my heart out.


There are so many things going in my mind right. Last week Thursday I had my virgin tvc shoot.


And trust me when I say I might had broke the record for the most number of proposal attempt in less than 2 hours. And I might even be the only guy who tore his pants while doing so. Yeah it was a fml moment but the show had to go on… oh well I pray it will turn out good.


People had been asking me when am I getting a girlfriend. Come to think of it… it had been almost 3 years since I had a proper relationship. Not that I didn’t tried but somehow karma proves to be stronger. Or perhaps its just a stage in my miserable life that God had plan for me. To learn to love and never take love as a game just to impress others. I guess getting into a relationship had always been deemed as challenge to me. Somebody bound to get hurt eventually thanks to my restlessness and my desire for freedom…


Oh well I will do my best. Till then I will need to focus on my career. Focus is the word. I hope one day someone will come along and give me that loving feeling again. Its been a long time since I did anything illogical or stuff to sweep any girls off her feet.


Alright… I did try… perhaps not enough to convince any dame to fall for me. My ego got the better of me and somehow managed to convince my brain that I don’t need to love to survive. But who am I kidding? Mankind need love to survive since birth.
Oh well if you are looking for one… leave me a message or comment and lets work out something.


Alright… time for bed… tomorrow I will be back at work and fighting deadlines.  Wish me luck and blog you guys again. Good night and stay safe people.

Signing off



Random Blabberism

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