Irritating people


I’m sure everybody has a list of people who they wish they can just stab them with a knife.

Like many of you I have my own fair share of that list too.

1. The ‘unpraisable’
These are the kind of people whom you praised once and they think they are your God. Every single thing you do they will take credit for it.

Me: Woooohoo I made it!

The ‘unpraisable’: I told you so right?
(Vicious cycle)

And every solution that you come out with they will sure to be the first to give you the wet blanket. Why do they do that? Beats me.

2. The ‘Ass kisser’
People of this category are very busy people who changes their tone of voice with relation to the people that are around.

It’s always an amazing feat of face changing whenever somebody does that.

Me: Maybe I should schedule this around this time
(Talking to the person who will be affected with the new plan)

‘Ass kisser’: I honestly don’t think it is a good idea. Do you know how busy those people are? They are always overwhelmed with so much work.

Ranting while those people are around listening and im pretty sure he does not belong to that department. Its like suddenly he became the new messiah of the world.

3. The ‘problem giver’
This is the kind of person who will give you more problem when you have a problem rather than giving you a solution.

Me: Oh no this doesn’t work. Need your help man.

The ‘problem giver’:
Oh its because you didn’t do this didnt do that thats why it doesn’t work. And because you didn’t do that you will end up…. yadda yadda yadda

Me: So?

The ‘you should do this’:
This always happen when you are in a freaking rush and some smart alec will come along and start giving you solutions which you never ask for.

This is sort of like the ‘problem giver’ just that he is free now to give solutions. They are sort of like twins or simply one who has schizophrenia. They rather be the savior when there’s no help is needed…

Do u have any to share?



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