Be like Jordan


Before the era of Kobe bryant or LeBron James, I’m pretty sure everybody wanted to be just like Michael Jordan.

And even till today Jordan still never fails to amaze me with his magnificent basketball skills and his signature tongue sticking everytime he makes a move towards the hoop. Watching him play was definitely better than sex any other player on NBA.

It is not only his skill that made him what he is today but his team mates as well. Players like Scottie pippen and my all time favourite Dennis Rodman. Without these guys clearing, rebounding and blocking I’m sure Chicago Bulls wouldn’t have reign that era back then. So I concluded that team work is very important in everything.


As no man is an island and it takes multiple effort to achieve something great. Be it you are a leader or a subordinate, every part you contribute matters and will affect the outcome.


I will aways be a big fan of the chicago Bull even though the Big Three is no longer in the league.


(You know what they say about guys with big hands *wink*)

Back to more shooting.

Thank you for following my blog. Appreciate much people! Feel free to ask me anything and perhaps I can blog about it.

Signing off



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