Fruity Life Style


When undergoing pressure, remember how diamonds are created. When given pressure, be glad as the giver is trying to mould you into something unbreakable.


When encountering a bad day, remind yourself it’s just another day. Tomorrow will definitely be better. Even if it doesn’t there’s always a lifetime to look forward to.


When you come face to face with a barrier,  tell yourself life is never smooth sailing. Only the bravest survive the harshest storm in life.


When you realize you had been misunderstood,  remember that the truth will always come to light one day.


When you miss someone, remember that distance is just a number. If she is worth it find her even if you have to travel around the globe just to tell her how important she is.


When it rains let it rain. Be glad it rains as without rain there will be no life. Give me a call and I will stand in the rain with you.


When you are lost, find a faith. As faith can lead you through the darkest day with a sense of hope and purpose.


When time passes like the wind, take a break and rethink your past experience.  Maintain the good and learn from the bad.


When you feel small… don’t be. As there bound to be something you possess that is bigger and better than others.  You just gotta discover it

Thank you for reading.

Signing off

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