Passion is like a burning flame. The deeper the passion the brighter the flame burns. It’s a no brainer logic. Like fat and skinny, there is no in between. As anything in between is you yourself lying to yourself. Ok maybe not.

How does one’s passion slowly gets dampened? The number one culprit is non other than tiredness. Tiredness never fails to tempt me to give up on everything I’m working towards, only to regret at the end of the day.

Regrets to me are like little angels from experience that constantly reminding and encouraging you not to fall back to where you started. And experience are to me gift from God.

Everyday experience might one day save you or even aid you in giving you a boost towards your goal.

I have to confess that I’m getting pretty tired… the thought of giving up did came by… but the constant reminders of never to give up is what kept me going and what kept my passion burning. And it’s past experiences that had mould me into what I am now. Hence I will not give up  that easily.

Perhaps some hibernation time might just do the trick. Time to snooze.

Gd night people. THANKS FOR FOLLOWING MY BLOG. Appreciate it.

Signing off



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