Last minute confession


Was strolling home one evening and noticed a lady was standing by the edge of the river. And the sound of weeping could be heard from where I’m standing so I decided to make sure she is fine.

“Hey is everything ok?”

She continued crying.

“Miss you alright? ”

She turned to my direction and said:
“Leave me alone… I don’t want to live anymore…!”

At this moment I knew I had to do something…

“Lady I think you are really hot… how about giving me a passionate kiss before you kill yourself?” (She is kinda hot anyway)

She turned and grabbed my head towards her lips and it went on for perhaps a good 15 minutes.

She smile and said:
“Thanks I feel better now…”

“Why did you wanna kill yoursef in the first place my dear?” I asked

She looked at me and started to weep again and said:
“My parents disowned me after I had my sex change operation…”

Me: “…”

Goodnight peeps!
Signing off

Ps: A gun anyone?



Random Blabberism

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