Good Morning Today…


Every minute and second counts as one grows older. And so does our expectations in everything. Stop lying to yourself that you wish for just a simple life and be a nobody. Trust me… everybody wants to be somebody so stop lying to yourself.

I’m going to go a teeny weeny religious here. Since young I was told by my mom who is a catholic that everybody is born unique and everybody is born with a purpose in life. And its only with time one will realize what one is destined to achieve in life.

Whereas on the other hand, my dad who is a Buddhist taught me that everything in life that you want, you have to work hard for it.

As a kid back there I was kinda confused. I was thinking do I just have to sit back and wait for a sign from above before I embark on my goals in life or do I slog towards my goal and hopefully turn successful eventually.  I was having a “BudCat” dilemma.  Get it? Buddhist + Catholic?

Anyway as I grew older it came to light that there’s no free meal in the real world and the heavenly world. If you want something badly you gotta work hard for it.  As nobody and even God can’t help you if you choose to lay back and wait for a sign. Perhaps the only sign you will get is the middle finger from your friends and relative.

It works these way… You wake up one morning you think of a goal… think of the ways to achieve it… work hard for it… and God will be there to ensure you achieve it. Giving you signs and all. Honestly it works. I mean God doesnt suddenly appear with his open arms and all (That will be too unrealistic and furthermore I don’t think he is that free) but he can give you signs through other channels.

But always be humble if you are successful as Karma bites. One day you might be high up at the corporate ladder and the next you might just land flat on your bum.

Have a great day ahead my dear readers. Work hard and play hard as life isn’t all about work sometimes. Strike a balance.

Signing off
Lets all be successful!



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