Everyone’s life story is…


We are all born as a bundle of emotion the moment we were delivered into this world. Everyone of us were borned an empty book and the first chapter begins with the first cry for fresh air. And the name of the author of our book were not appointed by us but by our parents.

I was told that someone else’s life story can be a lesson learnt for us. Absorb the good and learn from the bad. Come to think of it every great discovery is founded by either the fortune or misfortune of another or even oneself. Learn to listen not hear. Learn to understand not judge.

Everyday I ‘read’ about people complaining about their life. If they are a book, it is gonna be kinda frustrating to read. It not only makes you feel like complaining, it slowly turns you into one of them.

I had ‘read’ about people looking all stressed up as if they were appointed to save the human race. I know its all pretence into making other think they are working on something huge. But how huge is the thing they are working on…only they will know… The best part of this book is everybody knows its ploy but well we arent the author hence we can’t change it. So I just played along hoping they will realize that whatever they are doing now is just a lie not to me but themselves.

I had ‘read’ people who pretends to be somebody else. If you pronounce dude as duke, If you pronounce prada as prata and if you tried very hard not to be able to speak your mother tongue. Like come on… time to rewrite that chapter… be yourself…

But well I had read ‘books’ of people who are genuinely inspiring. People who write their book with so much inspiration that it inspired me to be just like them. Always on the look out in creating the next big thing that will take the market by storm. Making huge sacrifices for something great.  Inspiring others how life should be written. Making every deal in life a win win situation.  I call these people a sell out or a blockbuster.

So what kind of book are you? Fiction? Non fiction? Or you are just plain clueless?

Before I end I just want to add that only a great friend will not put you down even if he/she knows you are nothing but a lie. Honesty can be harsh to many. Look in you and ask yourself… are you really what you say you are?

Cheers and good night
Signing off



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