Why you like that?


Time now is 1:45am. Oh before I even start on my manly 6th sense which most called it nonsense I will like to extend my deepest and most sincere thanks to those of you who liked my previous post. This is actually my very first WordPress account and the fact that anybody ever liking it is an honour to me. It feels better than sex… ok im kidding…

I have seen many righteous people being taken for granted. And the thing is most people will gradually just sort of turn against the world after being taken for a ride more than once by their friends, relatives, business partners etc BUT there are still a few unsung heroes who still believe in being righteous and fair no matter what happened to them.

Honestly I have seen and worked with a few.  And respect is all I have of them. All of them have one belief and that is no matter how other treat you as long you have done your part in a fair and justifiable manner you will emerged victorious at the end of the day. Both spiritually and mentally.

But I guess it really takes a lot for a man to have such belief embedded in his way of life or even in the way how he or she manage a business or human resources. As you know we are all human and with that we have emotions.  Emotions sometimes determine our actions.  But a righteous man will let his rationality determine his actions. Always looking on the positive side and minimizes the negativity of any person or situation and use it to your own advantage.  That is a quite a feat for a man who has his emotions written all over his face like yours truly me.

As the society evolves, the mindset of mankind changes as well. Like for instance my dear motherland with a population who have been brainwashed that education is the way to a sucessful future. Getting a degree and above will eventually land you in a good paying job. There’s nothing wrong in that. However as the years goes by the population grows and so does the amount of educated people. I mean any tom dick or Harry on the street is either a diploma holder, a degree holder and above. The truth is you may be well versed in whatever is written in that text box of yours, scoring straight As and emerging top of your class BUT in reality on the long run if you have no knowledge on how to respect and treat people right, you might just end up going nowhere. Education can sometimes makes a man self centred. What many don’t understand is that education is just a portion of life. Life consists of more than just straight As and graduation ceremony.

Simply said… if I had to choose between two scholars where one has a really stuck up attitude against one who has positive attitude… oh well im sure you know I will choose. Even if the kid is a dimwit and he is willing to learn I will gladly take him in as well. Its the heart and not always about the brain.

Anyway the society nowadays had became less gracious and thanks to social media, there was a boom of ‘Behind the desktop warriors” who has endless of complains and negative opinions about almost everything on facebook, Twitter,  blogs etc. Theres even people complaining about free gifts or prizes they won in a lucky draw or during an online contest.  Like what is with them? Its free for god’s sake. Be grateful you even won something for crying out loud.

Oh well life goes on… the choice and route depends on what your belief are. Im pretty old fashioned. I believe in gratitude and graciousness. Do not unto others what you not want others to do unto you. (Im impressed with myself suddenly)

Good night peeps.

And thanks for reading! Leave a comment.

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