Morning Glory


Getting up in the morning had always been a chore for me. If this chore was to be a movie I will name World War Z. The battle between the awaken body versus the half awake brain of mine. Wait a minute wouldn’t I be breaching copyright? That’s the title of that new brad pitt movie. Oh well heck it, my blog won’t get any famous than that movie.

The train journey to work is filled with half awake commuters. Some blast their music to keep awake while some carry on their slumber on the train while swaying from side to side as the train moves. Oh there’s those in ‘prayer mode’. Totally oblivious to their surroundings while they romance their high tech gadgets. Sometimes frowning, sometimes grinning and sometimes even laughing out loud. In the past they would have been sent to the asylum but I guess it had became a norm. Oh well im guilty in that too.

Few more stops to my workplace. Gonna be a heck of a day today. And its only Tuesday. For those of you who are still on leave or planning to get your mc, rest well.

Signing off



Random Blabberism

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