Time now is 1.50am in the morning and guess what?  My brain has this habit of telling me that my body is exhausted but yet because of its constant reminder I simply can’t get to sleep.

And the end result is me working out the only part of my body that still has like 10% of energy… my fingers.  Actually im just referring to blogging. My brain just enjoy trying to transform my words into sounding more descriptive and sophisticated than it is supposed to be. Oh well what the heck.

Lets talk about something really boring shall we? Perhaps by doing so I might just doze off before I even finishes.

Last few week had been hell for me. It was either hot, hazy, hot and yes it continues. And for the first time in Singapore history the psi rating had shot up behind 300. Hell yeah 300! And my fellow citizen started pointing fingers on anyone and anybody they can stick their finger at. One can only imagine what hell will break loose if the haze continues forever. Oh well we were save from that scenario when it started to rain hail stone. Hurrah! Kudos to cloud seeding.

It was a pity that I didn’t get to witness the hail stones myself or I would have build a hail stone man. Who the hell am I kidding?  Anyway I hope it starts to rain more as the rain never fails to rejuvenate me.

Damn it im still awake…

Lets talk about something worst than boring. Mmm my love life.

*cricket sound*

Got none to talk about right now I guess. The truth is I enjoyed my job more than anything right now.

Honestly deep in me I do fear. I might end up not knowing how to treat a girl right anymore…

Woah this topic got me… feeling my eyes getting really heavy…

Goodnight to whoever is reading this…

Signing off



Random Blabberism

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