Monday Morning


Monday mornings are forever a drag for most commuters. And most of the time work is never the main factor. its more like the agony of the time you need to wait for the train. And the amount of ‘competitors’ you have just to fight for a space in that tiny tin can.

What’s more interesting is the fact that its called the Mass Rapid Transit in my country. Rapid? Far from it. Perhaps the only thing rapid about our public transport is the fare that rapidly increases every now and then.

Oh well I still love my country nevertheless. You can’t exactly complain much when comparison is made against other developing countries.

Have a great Monday people. Don’t despair or go around rallying your idea of monday blue. Think of it this way, every journey needs a headstart and Mondays are the best day to start. Cheers to many more Mondays!

Ps: At least it only happens once a week isn’t it?



Random Blabberism

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