Some Day

Some day you will no longer hold my hand as you will be ready to venture on your own.

Some day you will no longer listen to my jokes or even laugh at my funny expression.

Some day you will no longer want to spend time with me as you will have friends.

Some day you will hate me for not supporting your ideas even if it’s for your own good.


There will never be a Some day where Dad & Mom love you any lesser.

by Dad’s Life Aka Deafpoet


九个月|9 Months

To be real honest the idea of being a Dad one day was never in my list of goals in life. Not that i don’t fancy children but more like i feel i’m just not ready to be one yet. I am what many describe me as… A kid in a 38 year old man body.

A thought came to my mind recently when i was about to sleep. Normally i will try my best to stay awake until my wife and baby son fall asleep. Just in case my wife need my help with that little monster.  Oh anyway that thought…

I was  thinking why most Chinese people believe they are actually one year older than what is stated in their identification card. Example if i’m supposedly 29 this year, i will go around telling people i’m actually 30. And 10 minutes of wondering why… i finally got the answer…

Our age is normally calculated from the date of our birth. However we had forgotten the fact that we are actually alive and growing since our mom is conceived with us in their womb.  And the Chinese take that period into consideration.

Make sense…?

Share your thoughts with me?

2017: The Journey Of Enlightenment

2016 had been a hell of an eye opener for me. It was a period where I truly understood the meaning of the phrase ‘Every Men For Themselves”. It was a year of old Chinese kungfu drama where the master had gotten too power hungry that he decided to cut off one of his disciples by spreading lies. Oh well life goes on. Some people were only meant to be in your life for a period of time.

2017 was pretty interesting. I should say that it is a period where I’m in phase of testing the new ‘Me’ after that dreqdful 2016. I decided to stop discussing about my personal life with anybody anymore. As I believe the lesser others know about you, the harder they can harm you. And truly it did help in a way or another.

At least for now I’m sure the next time somebody tries to fire me it will be purely work related. And not over some personal petty issues or because of which group of people you are taking side with.

2017 was also a year that I realise life isn’t all about the stupid Life clock which I believed so much in. Instead Life clock is never all about career achievements (it might work for people who had too much money on hand and had nothing else to think about) but more of how much things you had done that makes you look back and feel good about yourself rather than looking back to the things you do to please others. Your life your own call as you don’t live for anybody else but people who are worthy and of course yourself.

I’m thankful that no matter what happens I will always have that group of people behind me and these people will always be that group of people that I collect to build up that strong and sturdy wall behind me. Friends I call my family. Men that I call my brothers. Women that I call my sisters. And not forgetting my own family that makes up my foundation.

Like what my dad used to tell me when he was still around, “If a man steal from you…forgive him… it might be your karma in action… do not steal from him just to prove a point… as it will never end…”

Have a great 2018 to those who even bother to read this. I’m totally ready to live for my selves and for those who are truly worthy.

signing off



Hitting 50

Wow where did that come from? Rather where did you guys came from? Do you guys really read my posts? If you do, please leave me a comment or ‘Like’ this post alright?

Anyway I started my new job about 2 months ago. The culture there was pretty different and it gradually became a pain in the ass. Let me summarize my new job in the following points:

  • Working there is like serving my national service where one rush to wait and wait to rush. Waiting time for approval is one week to never to oops I forgot.
  • The management team has tons and tons of meeting but never have time for the approval of your proposal.
  • And when the boss comes breathing down your neck for a report which is pending for an approval from the director, it’s never their fault. 
  • Proposals has to be done in excel sheet.    (Yeah excel sheets)
  • The reporting process is one to three. Yes I don’t only need to report to my director I had to report to the owner of the company as well. 
  • Met people there who kept telling you they are not sure when they were the one who were handling your job initially. And when you ask them for help, they will tell you “You just need to do it once and you will know.” (And Yeah I know… I know you are wasting my time and I know you are afraid you will be doing my job for me. Great assumptions skills.)

Ok I better stop before i start foaming in my mouth…

Oh well and after 2 months of waiting and wasting my time, I decided to call it quits. Life too short to spend it on waiting and chasing people for approval. And it’s definitely too darn short to be wasting it there. And yeah this time is my choice. 

Anyway I’m glad I found a new job almost immediately. And I got a pretty good feeling about it. Wish me luck. 

Ps: Let me know if you wanna know which company am I talking about

Signing off


I’m glad I’m out of North Korea

October was definitely an eye opener for me. It had totally change my impression of certain individuals in my life and also my thoughts on life.

I was made unemployed on the 11th of October. Not that I want to judging from the bad economy the world is experiencing. It will be insane to quit a job especially when I’m a father to a newborn child. But that’s life and I’m glad I’m raise to face all adversity head on since the departure of my dad. To me nothing can be worst than losing my dad. Or is there?

One of the few things that I had learnt from this experience is that shit does happens when you least expect it and I’m glad I was prepared for it since the day I realize I was all along blinded by an individual which I trusted all these years. Believe me when I say that anybody in the word can present you with a smiling face at one time and turn their back the next. Keep your trust at 50/50 for the majority of people you meet in life. As the only people you can trust or rather that will never leave you in the lurch are your family members. And nobody will ever understand you as much as your family. People who claim that know you normally base their findings on assumptions from hearsays by people they think that can be ‘trusted’. 

And there are those who preach about their beliefs in certain traits like gratitude most of the time doesn’t practise that. Most of the time they use gratitude as an extortion to gain trust from an individual. But when it’s time to exercise their belief, they base it on a theory whereby gratitude should only be shown to them and not the other way round. As to them they believe they are the sole reason why you are successful now but never bother to consider the hard work and sacrifices you made to meet their expectations and opportunities given by them. 

I was told trust works in a circle which I agree. But i find it perculiar when I was told the reason why there was no trust is because I no longer trust in that individual. So can I ask where is the trust shown onto me then? That’s when I realize everything had been one sided. 

And with all that in mind I finally concur that that individual is nothing but a philosophy preaching, petty, insecure, lying and backstabbing little prick who hides behind his dad’s empire stepping on others’ work to claim his throne by extorting them with guilt. 

Anyway there’s no point for angst and all. There’s only so much I can do being a mere mortal. I believe in Karma and everybody will be served some in due course. Oh well. I’m glad I’m out of there. 

Here’s a little something I wrote:

“The dude rant and talk about gratitude all day long,

Criticizing blaming people for things gone wrong.

But one thing they have in common, 

They all have the ego demon in them.

Well trust me one find day when they grow old,

They realize all the fuck up stories about them being told.

Well They can choose to pretend they are right,

But deep inside they are just goddamn uptight.

Don’t talk to me about team work bro,

Coz all you do is judge and start acting like an asshole.

Your so called brother whom you praise and all,

All he does is listen to your crap while looking at his balls.

And your aunt who thinks she is somebody,

Without that similar family name she will be a nobody.

You preach about ethnic and trust,

But you end up making everybody a freaking outcast.

You plan your seeds around and claim its for the best, 

But we all know you are just trying to cover your ass.

You may act like you had achieve a lot in life

But dude you can’t even control your freaking, wife.

Spreading gossips like a goddamn virus,

Giving every talented people an A minus.

Not that it really fucking matters anymore bro,

And here out of gratitude I bless your soul.

To sum up all these shit and all,

I will grow stronger and walk fucking tall.

As for you do grow up although you can no longer grow tall,

Or at least do grow some balls… pussy shitface”

The World Needs A New Game

I have been giving some thoughts recently about developing a new mobile game app ever since they launched the Pokemon go game in Singapore. And I need investors.

The game is played in way where instead of hunting Pokemons, we hunt down Pokemon go players. So here’s how it goes…

Like every mobile game you get to choose a character that represent yourself. You can choose to be a Chinese, Malay, Eurasian, Indian or others. Your role is to hunt down those Pokemon go players who walk around like zombies with their face glued to their handphones.

How do you hunt them down? For level 1 to level 5, you can only hunt them down using actions like kicking, pushing, shouting and stealing their phones.

Shouting gives you 10xp and another 10xp if they run for their life.

Kicking and pushing gives you 20xp and another 20xp if they surrender their phone to you.
Stealing their phones and running away with it gives you 50xp.

Upon getting hold of their handphones you have the options of transferring all their Pokemons Away, smashing their handphone or throwing it into the river.

And each gives you 100xp to 500xp depending on the worth of Pokemons they have inside their mobile phone.

When you reach level 6 you can create a group to recruit other Pokemon go player hunter and you guys will work as a team to invade gyms and Pokestop that are filled with Pokemon go players.

As your level gets higher than level 15 you get options to equip yourself with weapons like BB guns, slingshots, mobile receptions jammers etc. You can also choose to drive your vehicle e.g bicycle / Cars / Van / Lorry / motorbikes to give chase to these pesky Pokemon go players.

And the best part about reaching the optimum level of 20 is you get to purchase water bombs in different sizes to throw at group of Pokemon go players loitering in zombie group under your HDB flat.

More weapons and vehicles will be introduced with the popularity of the games. I’m even considering a god mode for level 21 and above in the future where you have the ability to shoot lightning and fireballs. The app will be free for all to download.

You might wonder what’s the name of this awesome game….

I’m calling it… Pukimak Go Away

Ok that’s never gonna go through the censorship board…

Oh well…

Life of a first born

First born

“The first born in every family is always dreaming for an imaginary older brother or sister who will look out for them.” – Bill Cosby

To think that it came from the greatest comedian of our time, Mr. Bill Cosby. Being the eldest in the family must have had certain impact on him.

This quote totally makes lots of sense to me the moment i chanced upon it. The day the eldest child of a family loses his dad is the day he loses all traces of childhood and guidance.

That sound pretty depressing isn’t it? But well that’s life. The responsibilities that come with it is most of the a pain in the ass. You had to be an older brother and sometimes the head of the family.

So how many of you are there are in the same state as me? Share with me your experience.